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Sometimes starting cooperation with a designer looks complicated. We all need a tailor-made suit for our project and finding the perfect team to achieve our goals may seem like too much of a hassle. We understand this concern and that is why we try to explain every step we take and adapt ourselves to the type of relation that our client is looking for. In this way, we progressively lay the groundwork for the start of our partnership. We are going to clear up all the doubts that you may have, no matter how trivial or complex.
Ask away and let’s make the design happen!
Contact us and let us know what are you looking for, we will get back to you in 24 hours maximum. Once we analyze your project requirements we will do a project quotation with no strings attached. If it fits you, we will sign a Design Contract and an NDA. Then, we will be ready to dive into the full design process.
If you want to know more about our process and the steps we follow, please visit STUDIO.
We have experience in variety of ranges. Don’t worry if we don’t have in yours, all the people involved in the studio have multi-sector background and over time, we have learned to easily dive into new ranges. We love market researches, study possible competitors and search for the newest trends.
Before starting to draw, we meet with our clients to set with them the steps we will follow during the project. The first one is always the briefing. We create a special briefing for each project to be more accurate and ask about everything we need to know about it. Sometimes, we also ask for a contra-briefing document where we get deeper into details and can be helpful while we are already working on the project.
We take confidentiality really seriously. We always sign NDA agreements with our clients and providers, also everyone who gets in contact with your project will sign an NDA agreement which forbids disclosing any information related to the project.
We believe in long term relationships based on trust between all the parts involved. We do everything we can to make sure the clients feel comfortable to ask what they need and express their opinion during the design process. Spending time together on meetings is the best way to know the client’s objectives, ambitions, feelings or fears.
For us is very important to deeply understand the thoughts and needs of the clients and we invest all the time that is necessary to achieve it. Also, we are passionate about research and investigation because it helps us to understand your market and your professional context. Sometimes to build confidence, we can share the steps of our process to ask for feedback and go together through the process.
It depends on the project. For example, some of our clients just hire us for concept design and idea generation, others include the technical development phase in all their projects. We can help you according to your needs and project skills.
Sure. Addtionaly we can supplement our services by offering you packaging design, aesthetic prototyping, virtual render images and product photo shooting for the marketing department.
All our designs come from our professional exercise. We are a close team and do not work with external collaborators. Everyone in the studio is completely compromised to our professionalism and genuine creativity.