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Design Services. ALOS. Product Design Studio.


We invest a lot of time into being connected to the real world, observing users, products and brands and into understanding what their problems are. Just then we start thinking about feasible solutions. It is our duty to look where others just see.


A good background is essential to releasing the creativity at its maximum potential. That’s the reason we schedule meetings before conceptualizing, there we discuss and find out what our clients are thinking and what they really need. Together we force ourselves to create the best possible briefing which will let us start confidently.


An innovative concept is great but it is just a concept. To guarantee innovation it needs to be put on the market preserving all its aspects. For this reason, we make sure to provide technical and detailed solutions to every single design we make to ensure that production is efficient and effective.


We often go all the way to the manufacturer, where the investment and risks are greater. The reason for that is that we have the same concerns as our clients. It is hard to make decisions but we make them together to have a successful launch.



There is a tendency to think that creative studies tend to get carried away by creativity and end up being disconnected from reality and client’s vision. Or that perhaps they generate interesting proposals that, despite meeting client’s requirements, are impossible to mass-produce either due to the projected cost or the lack of technical know-how. We are fully aware of these pitfalls and we make sure that each and every of our proposals is attainable.


However, putting forward feasible proposals doesn’t mean restraining creativity. It is all about looking for the right balance between the most innovative proposal and the highest possible added value. Our creative background, and the fact that we work in different areas of product design give us just what we need to create without limits.


Is good to be careful and coherent when talking about innovation; it does not mean the same thing for every client and not all the markets are mature enough to accept the certain levels of innovation. That is why we make an extra effort to understand and analyze the opportunities and needs and keep connected every project to its reality.
Design Approach. ALOS. Product Design Studio.


Design Skills. ALOS. Product Design Studio.


We bring solutions with an extra twist. When we find a problem or need, we are able to get enough opinions to sketch multiple solutions that will let us solve the challenge. That is the moment when we decide which solution is going to make us stand out and which is the one that our client wants.


Looking is not enough; you must understand what you are looking at.We often overlook products, needs and problems that surround us. We need to observe in order to fully comprehend the amount of stimuli and information we have at our disposal.


We feel like every single project we collaborate with is our own. Our empathy helps us to connect and integrate efficiently into our client’s design, production, and marketing teams. The way people work as a part of a team is also key to getting the best results.